Ukraine’s identity – is the fight for freedom

I recently heard Zelensky’s interview with NATO, and many words touched my heart.

“Today we are united by one state, population, government and people. The people became the government, and the government became the people – that’s great. (VO Zelensky) ”

And after these words, Zelensky explained why it is useless for Russia to issue ultimatums to us, because it will not lead to anything.

They raise flags – people take down

“We all can’t do that. Ukraine will not be able to fulfill these ultimatums. We will not be able to do that physically. We all need to be destroyed, then their ultimatum will be executed automatically. For example – “give us Kharkiv”, or “give us Mariupol”, “give us Kyiv”. Neither Kharkiv, nor Mariupol residents, nor KKyiv residents, nor the president – we will not be able to do that. We even see it in the occupied cities – when they come in, people don’t give it to them. They raise flags – people take down. They killed a man, but people hid, came at night and took down the flag. What you want? Destroy us all ?! That’s why I answered – we can execute an ultimatum only when we are gone (Zelensky VO)”

Freedom is the greatest exercise of the human soul

After all this, the words of Mila Jovovich are mentioned (who doesn’t know – she is Ukrainian), she said “Ukrainians are born free”.

I am deeply impressed by the spirit of my neighborhood, I am deeply impressed by the fact that the people in the occupied Kherson and Mariupol still do not give up. He is fascinated by the fact that even when Russian troops offered humanitarian aid to the starving residents of Kherson (to make a video about the “liberators”), the people refused. I am fascinated by the fact that our people go to rallies in spite of everything, again and again, every day. Freedom is not a material value, it is something higher, it is a deep desire of the human soul.

Communism killed the very notion of freedom

Communism has killed the very notion of freedom in many people. Therefore, talking to Russian people, I see that most of them do not understand what the Maidan is, they even see and hear closely what was happening there, can not understand why it is. Unable to understand what freedom is, post-Soviet people easily believe that it was bought, that it is all America, the Nazis and so on. I am amazed at how Ukraine, being enslaved by communism for many years, was still able to keep this spirit of freedom deep in its soul and grow it so much during independence. We even see in the anthem of our country that freedom is one of our basic values ​​”We will lay down our soul and body for our freedom”.

Ukraine’s mission is to become an example of a free nation

I am deeply proud to be Ukrainian, and I also see in this Ukraine’s mission to be an example for other countries, such as Russia, an example of a free nation, an example that freedom can be the highest value, that freedom must be fought for and not allowed. to someone, either because of brainwashing, or because of threats to take it away.

Let’s not let anyone take away our freedom

I call on all Ukrainians to remember and preserve their identity – the desire and struggle for freedom. And not Ukrainians, those whose freedom was taken away either by force and intimidation, or by false propaganda, I urge you to look deep into your soul and ask: “What makes me human? Apartment and iPhone? Or the fact that I do not allow my brain to be clouded by propaganda, I do not allow myself to be intimidated and made a slave. Let us be steadfast and attentive and not allow anyone to take away our freedom.


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