Ukraine’s mission is to save Europe from threat

Recently I heard the words of President Zelensky addressed to Poland:

“Today we are fighting for tomorrow for the Baltic countries, for Poland, for that such a bad times won’t come to them. Together we are 90 million, together we can do everything, and this is a historic mission, a historic mission of Ukraine – to be the leaders who all  together will pull Europe out of this abyss, save it from this threat, stop the transformation of Europe into victims. We can do it.”

Ukraine is a shield for Europe

Not only Zelensky, but many other politicians confirm that Ukraine is only the beginning of the Putin-Kremlin plans. More and more often I hear that Ukraine is a shield for Europe. I was very inspired by these words, I was incredibly proud of our Armed Forces and our brave people.

Ukraine is a country that fights for Human Rights, Freedom and Peace

In this article, I want to try to share how wonderful it is when your country has such an identity, such a mission – the struggle for world peace. A little off topic, I want to share my experience from my trips abroad in the past. In the period from 2007 to 2015, I often traveled abroad (Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, South Korea, Japan). In each of these countries I talked to quite a large number of people. And until 2014 just few people knew about Ukraine (although those who were personally acquainted with Ukrainians, spoke well of them). And when you tell foreigners that you are from Ukraine, you see that many people either do not know this country (especially in Korea and Japan: Koreans usually knew Ukraine thanks to Andriy Shevchenko, and in Japan because of Chernobyl), or even if they hear the word “Ukraine”, they say “Oh! I know, this is in Russia” and you have to explain “No, Ukraine is not Russia, this is a separate independent country”, and even those people who knew Ukraine did not know anything particularly outstanding about Ukraine. And now you go to countries and see that many countries have some features for which they are known around the world, and in your country there is nothing so famous around the world. And here you feel a certain flaw and inferiority.

Instead, now the whole world knows Ukraine, our country has a clear identity – a country that is bravely fighting for human rights, freedom and peace. And Ukraine is a country that is a shield for the whole of Europe. Moreover, China is closely monitoring the situation and considering whether something like this can be “turned around” with Taiwan, whether a “liberation special operation” can be arranged there, and Ukraine’s victory determines how easily China will decide to attack Taiwan. What we can say that Ukraine is a country that is fighting for world peace.

We have a beautiful country and we don’t need anything else

It is important to emphasize that Ukraine does not want the kind of peace that the Soviet Union wanted and the Russian Empire wants – that is, to destroy the hated West and capture the whole world, Ukraine does not want such peace. After all, even in our anthem we sing “Let us reign brothers in our side”, it is our desire to live and prosper in our country. We have a beautiful country, a beautiful land, we don’t need anything else.

I’m from Ukraine

How wonderful it is to realize that you are part of a country that is fighting for world peace. Now, no matter what country you are in, you can proudly (but not with arrogance!) say “I am from Ukraine”.


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